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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

One of my coaching clients had been avoiding Twitter. Here’s why:

1.   He viewed Twitter as a place where people told other people what they were doing and felt that this was a conversation he would rather have with people face-to-face.

2.   He didn’t like the idea of narrating his life via technology. He worried that modern technology was facilitating people talking about life as opposed to experiencing it.

3.   He was protective of his anonymity.

4.   He didn’t want to open himself (his thoughts via tweets) up for critique from people who were not part of his circle of friends.
My explanation to him is that Twitter is an easily accessible place for sharing small pieces of information with large amounts of people. I also helped him see that that is a powerful opportunity, particularly for someone like himself who provides more detailed information elsewhere on the web and wants to expose that information to a variety of people including potential customers.
Now he’s tweeting. And he is enjoying some of the connections he has made and feels that he has exposed his business (and introduced himself personally) to people he would not have otherwise met.
He recently told me that one of his original “objections” about narrating his life has changed in the fact that Twitter is now a part of his life as opposed to just a series of one-sided updates.
Interesting how someone who was concerned about anonymity morphs into someone who is tweeting regularly. The other day when I teased him about being “the reluctant tweeter”, he replied: “Hey, we are living in a time of information overload ... it’s nice to feel like I’m being heard.”

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