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Monday, November 21, 2011

3-Step Decision Reality Check

Leadership success depends on making decisions, this simple 3-step method will help you clarify and communicate your decisions.

Ready to make a decision? Ask yourself “What?” in three different ways:

                1. What?           2. So What?           3. Now What?
The answer to these questions will help determine whether or not your decision is clear and ready to become reality.  It will also help you communicate that decision within your organization.

     1. What?
In two sentences or less, clearly state what you have decided to do.

2. So What?
Clearly state what will be different after you have put the decision into action and why that is important.
     3. Now What?
Use “What – Who – When” to clearly state what will change or be different once the decision has been put into action: WHAT is the first visible/tangible action that will move things forward? WHO is responsible? WHEN will it be done?
Decision-making is a skill set that can be learned and improved on. What steps do you find important in vetting potential decisions and implementing finalized decisions?

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