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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How's Your Branding?

Step one of positioning your brand is answering the following 9 questions:

1.      What matters the most to you about your business and how has that changed over time?

2.      Who are your most important customers and why are they the most important (expenditure over time, budget, loyalty, etc.)?

3.      How do you define your value? Assign each of the following a percentage (should total 100%) based on importance to your customers?

·         Price

·         Quality

·         Service

4.      Why do people start doing business with you?

5.      Why do people continue to do business with you? Do you define your value (percentage importance of Price-Quality-Service) differently for repeat customers?

6.      What is unique about your business that is important to your prospects and customers -- and can/will make a difference in their decisions to do business with you?

7.      What unique positions have your competitors claimed?

8.      What promises are you willing to make to every prospect and customer and who engages with you?

9.      What should people expect when they do business with you?

Answering these questions honestly, accurately and completely is a good start to defining your brand.

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