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Thursday, May 3, 2012

About Us or About You

An “About Us” page on your website is not enough. You need an “About You” page.

And when I say “You”, I mean the customer/prospect who is visiting your site.

The “About Us” page is a great place to give the prospect/customer important information about your company and those people in your company that help that prospect/customer understand the benefits of doing business with you and what you have to offer them. NOTE: make sure this page is more than your story ... make sure it is how your story relates to their wants and needs from your organization.

But a strong “About Us” page is just part of the equation; you should add an “About You” page that describes the ideal customer for your product/service.  This will give your website an area where the focus is directly on the most important aspect of your business: the customer.

You should be able to describe your ideal customer ... the type person you want to attract. By putting those ideal customer attributes in an “About You” page, you are helping prospects determine how good a fit your business is for them.

     Here’s a good example: 

Some of the benefits to developing and adding a strong “About You” page:

1.      It makes sure that there is an area of your site that is 100% customer-focused.

2.      It gives you a positive point of differentiation from your competition.

3.      It forces you to hone in on a description of your idea customer (which can help you focus your time and efforts on prospects with the highest probability of closing and becoming happy, long-term customers).

4.      It helps prospects qualify (or disqualify) themselves.

5.      It helps the right prospects feel good about your understanding of them and their needs when they think “Yes! That’s Me!”

Here’s another good example:

Do you have an “About You” page? Use the comment section below to share the link.

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Anita Hampl said...

Great post, Froth!

Shall we start a movement towards making the About YOU mandatory? LOL

I do have one, not sure if it 100% customer-focused, but I'm always tweaking it so who knows what it will have tomorrow.

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