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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Swipe 99 Tested Headlines That Sell

If you expect your prospect to read your message (ad, brochure, e-mail, blog post, etc.), you have to get their attention and interest with a strong headline. I keep a “swipe file” of powerful headlines that I use for inspiration. And sometimes, I use if for more than just inspiration and “borrow” the headline, using the proven formula, often just making a few word substitutions.

In building a headline swipe file, one source of great headlines is copywriting genius John Caples.
John Caples was Vice President of the BBDO advertising agency and became famous as the copywriter who rigorously tested headlines and every element of advertising copy to make money for his clients. He began his advertising career  with the Ruthrauff & Ryan agency and, he later recalled, cut his teeth on ''ads for hair-growers, fat-reducers, dandruff-removers and books on mental healing and personal magnetism.'' Caples is wrote one of the most famous and successful advertising headlines of all time: ''They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano but When I Started to Play!'
Here are 99 advertising headlines (in no particular order) from Tested Advertising Methods and How to Make Your Advertising Make Money:
1.      How Investors Can Save 75% on Commissions This Year

2.      To a $15,000 man who would like to be making $25,000

3.      Good-bye … old fashioned air conditioners

4.      Now — $1 Enrolls You In The Doctors Hospital Plan To Safeguard Your Income and Savings If Sickness Or Accident Puts You In The Hospital

5.      Do you have these symptoms of nervous exhaustion?

6.      Car owners … save one gallon of gas in every ten

7.      Greatest Bible News in 341 Years

8.      How a Man of 40 Can Retire in 15 Years

9.      Do you make these travel mistakes?

10.  What’s wrong in this picture?

11.  Now! Own Florida land this easy way … $20 down and $20 a month

12.  Thousands have this priceless gift — but never discover it

13.  Is $60 a day worth a postage stamp?


15.  161 new ways to a gourmet’s heart — in this fascinating book for cooks

16.  Lose ugly fat — an average of 7 pounds a month

17.  Get Rid of Money Worries for Good

18.  I gambled a postage stamp and won $35,840 in 2 years

19.  A wonderful two years’ trip at full pay — but only men with imagination can take it

20.  You’ll never drive a dirty car again!

21.  How I Made a Fortune With a “Fool” Idea

22.  How I earn my living in 4 hours a day

23.  Is dry skin making you look older than you should? Touch these 5 spots and find out.

24.  How I improved my memory in one evening

25.  Wanted — your services as a high paid real-estate specialist

26.  Who else wants a whiter wash — with no hard work?

27.  The lazy man’s way to riches

28.  How $20 Spent may Save You $2000

29.  Here’s How to Have a Long and Healthy Life.

30.  If You Are a Careful Driver You Can Save Money on Car Insurance

31.  Banish Teetering Furniture

32.  The deaf now hear whispers

33.  How to make money writing short paragraphs

34.  How I started a new life with $7

35.  How a strange accident saved me from baldness

36.  Free book tells you 12 secrets of better lawn care

37.  I never stopped eating yet I lost 107 pounds.

38.  Spray Your Weeds Away with Weed Out

39.  BE $2,278 RICHER

40.  Learn Dressmaking — Earn Money at Home

41.  Spare-Time Cash

42.  How I became popular overnight

43.  Now … a low-calorie Bacardi Daiquiri

44.  You can speak French by October 15

45.  Will Your Scalp Stand the “Fingernail Test”?

46.  How to do your Christmas shopping in 5 minutes

47.  Girls! Want quick curls?

48.  New! Golf clubs specially sized for youngsters

49.  NEXT 90 DAYS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – A Warning from the Wall Street Journal

50.  Advice to Wives Whose Husbands Don’t Save Money

51.  Will you give me 7 days to prove I can make you a new man?

52.  How to collect from Social Security at any age

53.  The world’s first atomic watch

54.  Double your money back if this isn’t the best onion soup you ever tasted

55.  Hollywood’s Make-up Secret

56.  Announcing a New Home Money-Making Plan

57.  Any 4 books (value up to $43.95) for only $1

58.  They thought I was crazy to ship Live Maine Lobsters as far as 1,800 miles from the ocean

59.  Order Christmas Gifts Now … Pay After January 1

60.  How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

61.  How $7 started me on the road to $35,000 a year

62.  When doctors “feel rotten” this is what they do

63.  I’ve tried ‘em all, but this is the polish I use on my own car … Frank Mills, Essex Garage

64.  Tonight Serve This Ready-Mixed Chocolate Pudding

65.  Why some people almost always make money in the stock market

66.  How to Get Your Cooking Bragged About

67.  Can you talk about books with the rest of them?

68.  Free to brides … $2 to anyone else

69.  I lost that ugly bulge in 2 minutes

70.  At last! A steam iron with a “Magic Brain”

71.  Announcing a new selection of Kodak home-movie cameras

72.  Have You Any of These Five Skin Troubles?

73.  You can laugh at money worries if you follow this simple plan

74.  Great new discovery kills kitchen odors quick! — makes indoor air “country fresh”

75.  They Grinned When the Waiter Spoke to Me in French — but their laughter changed to amazement at my reply

76.  Can you pass the memory test?

77.  The Book-of-the-Month Club is for people who don’t have time for unimportant books

78.  Men who “know it all” are not invited to read this page


80.  How a fool stunt made me a star salesman

81.  Own a Rembrandt for only $7.95

82.  Are you ashamed of smells in your home?

83.  “My Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine has 9 different stretch stitches — imagine!” says famous designer Bonnie Cashin.

84.  To people who want to write — but can’t get started

85.  Would you invest $7 to be $1000 richer … without risking a cent?

86.  BUY NO DESK Until You’ve Seen the Sensation of The Business Show

87.  A WARNING to men who would like to be independent in the next five years

88.   “No time for Yale — took college home,” says well-known author

89.  Give me 5 days and I’ll give you a Magnetic Personality … Let Me Prove It — FREE

90.  “Here’s an Extra $50, Grace — I’m making real money now!”

91.  They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started to Play! –

92.  Do you make these mistakes in English?

93.  WANTED: SAFE MEN for Dangerous Times

94.  Play guitar in 7 days or money back

95.  Can You Spot These 7 Common Decorating Sins?

96.  Imagine me … holding an audience spellbound for 30 minutes!

97.  The secret of making people like you

98.  How to keep your husband home … and happy

99.  You don’t have to be rich to retire on a guaranteed income for life

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