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Monday, June 18, 2012

Time Blocking

Good time management can be a key factor to your success and there are various ways of improving your skills in this critical area. Here is a simple 3-step system that one of my coaching clients uses and considers key to his exceptional levels of productivity. He calls it “Time Blocking”:

STEP ONE: List all the things that you want to get done during the day -- from answering e-mail to specific client contact to posting on your blog to interviewing a prospect to preparing expense reports and so on.

STEP TWO: Set a specific time for each task -- it could be 15 minutes or 2 hours, just make it a combination of the realistic number for getting the task accomplished and the amount of time worth investing for that task to be completed.

STEP THREE: Pick a task, start a timer and focus completely on accomplishing that task -- close your door, don’t get up to get a cup of coffee, don’t answer the phone, don’t log onto Facebook, don’t accept interruptions by a co-worker; stay focused on the task you selected.
Each action you initiate during your day requires time to complete. This simple system sets aside a block of time. You determine how much time that action requires/is worth and schedule time to focus your efforts on accomplishing it within the acceptable time frame. Your day might have 2, 5 or a dozen blocks ... when you’re ready to take action, pick a block (based on priority and/or available time for total focus), start a timer and, to quote comedian Larry the Cable Guy: “Git-R-Done!”

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Simplicity solves complexity :0 Thanks

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