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Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympic Inspiration - part 1

What makes for an inspiring Olympic moment? Is it the years of hard work and sacrifice that culminate in a gold medal? Is it suffering an injury but finishing the race? Is it overcoming a stereotype and proving something to the world? All these factors and more play a part in the great moments of Olympic history and give us stories that can motivate us in our business and personal lives.

Stories like that of 25 year-old Korean archer Im Dong Hyun.

Although he has yet to win an individual Olympic medal, Hyun helped the South Korean team win gold medals in the team event at both the Beijing and Athens summer Olympics.  Individually, he has won an individual gold at the 2007 world championships and an overall World Cup gold medal in 2008.

Impressive accomplishments, especially when it is revealed that Im Dong Hyun is legally blind.

Hyun suffers from myopia, which has left him with 20/100 vision in his right eye and 20/200 vision in his left eye, that designates him as legally blind.

Think about it: a blind man who successfully shoots arrows across great distances into incredibly small targets without being able to see those targets. Hyun is a serious contender for a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic gamesin London. He's ranked second in the world, and in May he broke his own world record for the 72-arrow event at the World Cup with a score of 696.

That’s motivational and inspirational stuff. The next time you are faced with an obstacle in your pursuit of success think about Im Dong Hyun and maybe that obstacle will not seem that daunting and your situation will not seem that dire. If an archer can pursue an Olympic gold medal despite blindness, you can move past your “limitations” to reach your goal.

UPDATE 8/7/12: The Men's title was claimed by Im Dong Hyun's teammate Oh Jin-hyek, but Im delivered the first world record of the Games by beating his own previous mark by three points to post 699 from a possible 720. In the men’s team event, Im, Kim and Oh settled for bronze as Italy took a surprise gold.
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