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Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Motivation - The Slovenian Skier

In our business and personal lives, we can find motivation from by people who overcome great difficulties to succeed. This 5 part series is focused on Olympic athletes who have endured injury, but persevered; facing their pain and not letting it deter them from their goals.

The Slovenian Skier

The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver were underway and on February 17, during the warm-up for the 1.4K classic sprint, cross country skier Petra Majdic skied off-course, down a bank, into a 10 ft deep gully where she crashed on rocks breaking both ski poles, a ski tip, and five ribs.

The start time for her qualifying round was pushed back, but she collapsed in pain after qualifying and was taken to hospital to be x-rayed. Since the x-rays failed to show the rib fractures, she returned to the course and, despite the agonizing pain, won her quarterfinal and got through the semifinal. During the semifinal, one of the broken ribs pierced her lung, collapsing it.

Despite this and the excruciating pain, she finished third to win the bronze medal in the final, the first individual Winter Olympic medal for Slovenia in 16 years.

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