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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Motivation - The Springboard Mishap

In our business and personal lives, we can find motivation from by people who overcome great difficulties to succeed. This 5 part series is focused on Olympic athletes who have endured injury, but persevered; facing their pain and not letting it deter them from their goals.

The Springboard Mishap

It’s the preliminary round for springboard in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. Defending Olympic springboard champion Greg Louganis, arguably the best diver in the world, attempts a reverse two-and-a-half pike on his 9th dive.

Shockingly, his head hits the board and he falls into the water.

Louganis is concussed and receives temporary sutures.

35 minutes later, Louganis is back to perform his last dive and registers the highest score awarded in the preliminaries.

Following the preliminary round, Louganis was taken to a hospital and where he got five stitches. The next day he won the gold medal and became the first diver in history to successfully defend his Olympic springboard title. Days later he won gold in the 10m event.

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