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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7 Free Online Backup Plans

How do you handle your data back-up?

I have decided to move to an online backup service (like traditional backup software but my important data will be transmitted over the Internet and securely stored on a server in a professional data center). I like the idea that my important data will be backed up off-site and thus be safe from theft, fire, and other local disasters.

In doing some research on online storage plans, I found a number of FREE services that are worth considering. If you don’t have a huge amount of data to back up, one of these plans could be a strong option for you (and the price is definitely attractive).

Although I didn't take advantage of these offers -- I needed unlimited data storage (details of that research in the 8/10 post) -- you might find these free plans adequate for your needs.

NOTE: The plans listed below are truly free -- as long as you remain under the storage cap. Not included are plans that have a limited time free trial (at the end of which you either upgrade to their paid option or discontinue using the service).

1.      AVG LiveKive
Free Online Backup: 5 GB
Nice Feature(s): Support for unlimited devices and all major operating systems (“synchronise data from all your PCs and Macs into one safe location for instant, hassle-free access”).
Link: AVG

2.      Comodo Backup
Free Online Backup: 5 GB
Nice Feature(s): very easy to use interface

3.      ElephantDrive (Lite Edition)
Free Online Backup: 2 GB
Nice Feature(s): military grade encryption, support for up to three computers (or devices).

4.      IDrive (Basic)
Free Online Backup: 5 GB
Nice Feature(s): unlimited device backup (all of your computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.)
Link: IDrive

5.      MiMedia
Free Online Backup: 7 GB
Nice Feature(s): 7 GB is the largest free online backup space I found
Link: MiMedia

6.      MozyHome
Free Online Backup: 2 GB
Nice Feature(s): security: SSAE 16 Type 2 audit and ISO 27001 certification, can get more space by referring friends
Link: Mozy

7.      SugarSync
Free Online Backup: 5 GB
Nice Feature(s): security: sync data  between computers and other devices (e.g., your phone), can get more space by referring friends (as much as 32 GB of free storage - the most space I found for friend referral programs.
Link: SugarSync
NOTE: There are other truly free online backup plans -- e.g., SpiderOak and MyOtherDrive Free -- I just wanted to keep this list to a manageable number. There are also a number of online storage services such as  Dropbox, Box, Google Drive but they don’t offer a  desktop application that automatically backs up your files, so I didn’t include them in this  list.
No Recommendation, No Income:
These services are listed in alphabetical order. I am not recommending one over another. Many of these services have affiliate or partnership agreements, I am not currently involved in any of these programs and do not earn any income should you choose one of these free services or upgrade to the paid version of these services.


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for several reasons i prefer Sugarsync

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Good collection.. nice work.
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