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Friday, August 10, 2012

Online Backup - 7 Unlimited Data Plans

How do you handle your data back-up?

I have decided to move to an online backup service (like traditional backup software but my important data will be transmitted over the Internet and securely stored on a server in a professional data center). I like the idea that my important data will be backed up off-site and thus be safe from theft, fire, and other local disasters.

In doing some research on online storage plans, I found a number of FREE services that are worth considering. If you don’t have a huge amount of data to back up, one of these plans could be a strong option for you (and the price is definitely attractive). You can find a brief overview of the free plans I checked out in my
8/7 blog post.

I didn't take advantage of those free offers -- I need more storage and decided to go for a program with unlimited data storage. Here are the unlimited data storage online backup plans I checked out (if you want to know which one I went with and why, shoot me an e-mail at

1. Backup Solutions
Offer: $99.95 per year/per computer
Nice Feature(s): strong security (256 bit AES file encryption to secure files that are then sent to Iron Mountain’s BRUN-PAKS level 9 underground data center and mirrored to a second data center for full fail-over redundancy)
2. Backblaze
Offer: $5.00 per month/per computer (pay upfront for 2 years: $3.96 per month)
Nice Feature(s): very simple/easy to use software
Link: Backblaze
3. Carbonite Home
Offer: 3 plans ($59 per computer/yr, $99 per computer/yr, $149 per computer/yr) – the more expensive the plan, the more features

Nice Feature(s): mature company (established 2005)
Link: Carbonite

4. CrashPlan+
Offer: $5.00 per month/per computer (pay upfront for 4 years: $2.92 per month)
Nice Feature(s): lets you back up to other destinations in addition to online
Link: CrashPlan
5. Livedrive Backup
Offer: $7.95 per month/per computer (pay upfront for 1 year: $6.66 per month)
Nice Feature(s): add another computer to your account for only $1.45 per month
6. McAfee Online Backup 
Offer: $59 per computer per year
Nice Feature(s): household name in computer security
Link: McAfee
7. Nomadesk
Offer: $10 per computer per month (pay upfront for 1 year: $9 per month)
Nice Feature(s): retains 14 daily backups allowing you to retrieve a past version with a simple restore function
Link: Nomadesk
NOTE: Read the small print before purchasing any unlimited online backup plan ... some unlimited plans have fair use rules that limit the amount you can backup (either over a period of time or in total). Also, not all unlimited online backup plans allow individual files of any size (e.g., a ripped Blu-ray movie) – if you have exceptionally large files, check the plan's details carefully.
ANOTHER NOTE: There are other unlimited backup plans -- e.g., MyPCBckup, ZipCloud, and JustCloud -- I just wanted to keep this list to a manageable number. There are also a number of online storage services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive but they don’t offer a desktop application that automatically backs up your files, so I didn’t include them in this list.
No Recommendation, No IncomeThese services are listed in alphabetical order. I am not recommending one over another. Many of these services have affiliate or partnership agreements, I am not currently involved in any of these programs and do not earn any income should you choose one to purchase one.

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