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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rules for Social Media Success

Here are some excellent “bite-size” pieces of advice that should prove useful as you use social media for your business.
On Page 73 of the September 2012 issue of Fast Company, there is an interesting graphic “The 36 Rules of Social Media.” I generally like the graphic presentation of information, but in this case I think the rules might be easier to put into action  in a more straight forward (and boring) format, so here are those rules in list form (with the Twitter address/link of the contributor):

If all you do is respond to complaints, that's all people will send you.  @lebrun

Stop & Ask: Would an ACTUAL person talk that way?  @heyitsnoah

Everyone says they don't want to be marketed to. Really, they just don't want to be talked down to.  @Starzan

The consumer is out for himself, not for you.  @aweinreich

As monetization attempts go up, consumer experience goes down.  @bopeabody

Don't try to be clever, be clever.  @Draftfcb

Social is 24/7, not a one-time stunt.  @dwertheimer

ALWAYS write back.  @pdavison

Have an ROI. Have an ROI. Have an ROI.  @erinclaire

People would rather talk to 'Comcast Melissa' than 'Comcast'.  @kipwetzel

Solve problems for people who talk about you, even if they don't address you.  @HiltonWorldwide

Not everything will work, and that's fine.  @ChloeS

Embrace negative content about your brand.  @bazaarbrett

Everyone's an influencer.  @duncanjwatts

If fans distribute your content without your permission, offer to help.  @marose1025

It's okay to drive people to your site instead of Facebook's.  @missrogue

Update your page, or delete it.  @gomattymo

Don't make people do X, Y, then Z. Stick with X.  @alexiskold

Last year: Pump out content. This year: Optimize content.  @Chris_DeWolfe

Become BFFs with your Facebook reps.  @grahamkahr

Social media doesn't exist in a vacuum. Make traditional media and social work together.  @dkroy

Desktop is conquered territory. Mobile is the battlefield.  @boughb

If you don't see financial results, you wasted your money.  @BJMendelson

People fight for their privacy.  @Caterina

The only way to scale word of mouth: paid advertising.  @christuff

Have a crisis plan.  @Ekaterina

Don't use ads to prop up boring content. Use ads to accelerate successful content.  @jeffwidman

Forget individuals. You're creating content that encourages groups to form.  @peretti

People don't want to shop where they socialize.  @eKristaGarcia

Contests and sweepstakes are fine, if you want to encourage short relationships.  @McProulx

People care what you had for breakfast--if you're a food brand.  @natanyap

Pinterest works.  @ReggieBradford

Your fans own your brand.  @scotthudler

If you're bored by social media, it's because you're trying to get more value than you create.  @timoreilly

Think past vanity metrics like followers.  @ZacMoffatt

It's an organism, not a process.  @bigspaceship

Do you have any “rules” you would add to this list? Use the comment section below.
Here’s one from me:

Respond immediately. Even if you don't have an answer to their inquiry, you can let them know when they will get proper response.  @ScottFroth

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