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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Your Website Isn't Working

Is your website delivering for you? You need to take a hard look at critical performance metrics.

Evaluating a major marketing effort like your website is uncomfortable. In the process you find shortcomings that need to be addressed (while you'd rather spend the time basking in your awesomeness and just keep doing what you're doing without having to deal with the results).

But if success is your goal, then improvement is critical. You need objective analytics and then filter them down into subjective metrics that are most important to your business. In regards to your website, those metrics are click-through rates, earnings per click, bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment rates.

This infographic covers those metrics and will give you an idea  how well your site is performing (e.g., if your bounce rate is 50% you're average).

Conclusion? Track the key metrics for your website; recognize success (or lack thereof) and make adjustments/improvements as necessary.
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