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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best Political Commentator of the Decade

Here are a few quotes from one of my favorite social and political commentators:

So much money is being spent on the campaigns that I doubt if either man, as good as they are, are worth what it will cost to elect them.

A politician is just like a pickpocket. It’s almost impossible to get one to reform.

Ten men in the country could buy the world and ten million can’t buy enough to eat.

Every nation must have its legalized form of gambling. We have our Wall Street.

A flock of Democrats will replace a mess of Republicans. It won’t mean a thing. They will go in like all the rest of ’em. Go in on promises and come out on alibis.

Who is this commentator? Will Rogers. And the decade I'm referring to is 1925-1935 ... these are his thoughts from over 75 years ago! Here are some more of his observations on politics, Wall Street, America, Democrats and Republicans ... do you think we’ve made much progress from the 1920’s and 1930’s?

Ain’t it funny how many hundreds of thousands of soldiers we can recruit with nerve. But we can’t find one politician in a million with backbone.

It must be nice to belong to some legislative body and just pick money out of the air.

A lobbyist is a person that is supposed to help a politician make up his mind—not only help him but pay him.

When the big nations quit meddling then the world will have peace.

The more I see of politics...the more I wonder what in the world any man would ever want to take it up for. Then some people wonder why the best men of a community are not the office holders.

A conservative is a man who has plenty of money and doesn’t see any reason why he should always have plenty of money. A Democrat is a fellow who never had any money but doesn’t see why he shouldn’t.

There is people so excited over this election that they think the President has something to do with running this country.

There is one rule that works in every calamity. Be it pestilence, war or famine, the rich get richer and poor get poorer. The poor even help arrange it.

People want just taxes more than they want lower taxes. They want to know that every man is paying his proportionate share according to his wealth.

It’s a great country but you can’t live in it for nothing.

See where Congress passed a two Billion dollar bill to relieve bankers' mistakes. You can always count on us helping those who have lost part of their fortune, but our whole history records nary a case where the loan was for the man who had absolutely nothing.

There is very little dignity, very little sportsmanship, or very little anything in politics only get the job and hold it.

Sometimes it makes you think we don’t need a different man as much as we need different advisors for the same man.

The difference between our rich and poor grows greater every year. Our distribution of wealth is getting more uneven all the time. A man can make a million and he is on every page in the morning. But it never tells you who gave up that million he got. You can’t get money without taking it from somebody.

There is no more independence in politics than there is in jail.

In this country people don’t vote for, they vote against.

This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer.

We shouldn’t elect a President. We should elect a magician.

Democrats take the whole thing as a joke. Republicans take it serious but run it like a joke.

A fool and his money are soon elected.

Here we go again! America is running true to form, fixing some other country’s business for ’em just as we always do. We mean well, but will wind up in wrong as usual.
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