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Friday, November 23, 2012

7-Step Networking

You’re probably not getting the most out of your investment of time and money in business networking. If you want to maximize the impact of your networking, I’ve got 2 words for you: Follow up.

You attend an event, you collect a pocketful of business cards. You get back to your office, set ‘em down in a neat pile intending to follow up ... but ... sometimes this never gets done. Why? There are a lot of reasons, including:

You’re busy with the other stuff on your to do list and these task doesn’t move up high enough in priority
You’ve collected so many that you are overwhelmed
Well, if you’ll make the commitment to push follow up to a higher priority (which it should be), I’ll give you a 7-step follow up system that will help you this get the most out of the time (and cash) investment  you’ve made in networking.
Step 1: Send an email reminding them of meeting you – within 24 hours of meeting
Step 2: Send a handwritten thank you note – within 48 hours of the meeting – not that many people do this these days and you’ll stand out from the crowd.
Steps 3 and 4: Assuming that you have a continuing direct mail program and newsletter program (needless to say, you should have both), make sure each new contact is entered into that database by 4 days after the meeting (at the latest)
Step 5: Call them to remind them of the meeting and reacquainting them with you as you reacquaint yourself with them – within 5 days of meeting them
Step 6: Send a postcard – 5 days after the meeting  – have postcards printed up for this purpose (the printer who did your business cards should be able to help you or you can check out various on-line offers from or
Step 7: Send articles (or information) related to their industry – 10 days after the meeting - go to Google .com, click on “news” in the black navigation bar, enter the type of business in which your new contact operates ... you will find a number of articles, chances are one would be of interest to send to your new contact (just include the url of the article with a quick note. Repeat this step monthly

This is part of differentiating yourself from the pack ... be creative, be unique.

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