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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Password Problems

Passwords are becoming increasingly less effective as more and more personal information is stored on the cloud. Better security from those places that house our vital information is not that hard, but to implement it means that we, as consumers, will be inconvenienced. And, from a business standpoint, that doesn't work.
So, until somebody comes up with a security plan that can keep our data secure without making it overly difficult to access, here are 4 moves that will make your accounts more tough to hack:
  1. Don't reuse passwords ... if you do, a hacker that gets into one of your accounts gets into all of them.
  2. Don't use short passwords ... the longer the password, the better defense.
  3. Don't use a "dictionary word" ... that's easy pickings for a hacker (if you have to, use a bunch strung together into a "pass phrase" (see #2)
  4. Don't use "standard" number substitions ... cracking tools have these built in (e.g., e=3, s = 5, o=0, etc.)
A while ago, I posted a system that helps you build tough to crack passwords that are easy to remember. Check it out here: FastForward Passwords and make it as tough for hacker's as possible until somebody develops real security to a system that has increasing sophisticated hard and software storing critical data on the cloud.

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