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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The FUD Factor

When selling your product or service, often you have to apply pressure to get your prospect to seriously consider your product.

One method for using pressure in a sales situation is the FUD factor – FUD is an acronym for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
The FUD factor is typically employed as a tactic when competition is present – either on your side of the prospect’s.

For example, in regards to you prospect’s competition, you can let the prospect know that their competition is also considering your product/service, creating the Fear that their competition will gain an edge.

In regards to using the FUD factor to address your competition; this is typically done when another company launches a product/service that could have advantages over yours (e.g., lower cost, better features, etc.). In that situation, in which you are unable to respond with hard facts, you put Uncertainty and Doubt in the customer’s mind, getting them to think twice about the risk of going with a new, unproven product. This gives you time to meet the competition’s offerings before they get a foothold in your prospect’s business.

When employing the FUD factor, don’t overplay your hand, mention it once, don’t rub it in. If you have too heavy a hand, you can get the prospect angry, and in my experience, you can’t anger someone into saying, “yes”.

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