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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lookin’ for a New Job?

If you're considering a job change, here are a few quick tips

1.       Get your name out there on Social Media - almost 40% of companies screen candidates through social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

2.      Narrow your search by industry - many employers feel that Niche Specific Job Boards is the best way to connect with qualified candidates.

3.      Work your network - about 1/3 of hires still come from Referrals, connect with as many people as you can.

4.      Do some homework - the best opportunities often come from Growing Companies. Some research can identify companies in a growth mode that might be in need of help and be willing/able to pay at a higher level.

Good luck on moving your career to the next level.


NOTE: Just because the following is a shameless plug for one of my products doesn't mean that the previous suggestions aren't valid and the next suggestion doesn't offer great value in helping you succeed in enhancing your career: 

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