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Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Screw Up at Sales

When selling, we all make mistakes ... here are 7 of the most common ones to avoid:
1.   Go in Blind – Do pre-meeting research so you can present solutions to problems instead of collecting basic information. Coming to a sales meeting unprepared will use up valuable meeting time and be perceived as a time waster to your prospect.

2.   Talk Too Much – Spending too much time talking about things outside the scope of the potential business relationship positions you as a time waster instead of a problems solver or solution provider. Get the prospect talking about themselves and their business to help identify needs that you can address with your product/service.

3.   Give Up Control – The best way to control a sales situation is by asking questions ... quality questions that uncover specific problems, issues and objectives. Not only will you find out whether or not your product/service will provide value for your prospect, it is also position you as an expert.

4.   Be Irrelevant – Forget about those features that don’t pertain to the prospect; focus on how your product/service relates to the prospect’s specific situation and how the prospect will benefit from your product/service and relate.

5.   Be Unprepared – Before you make any call, make sure you have all the relevant information at your fingertips (samples, testimonials, pricing, contracts, etc.). Consider having a list of questions you need to ask (as a reminder, not to be read in front of the prospect.

6.   Don’t Close – Ask for the sale. Don’t worry about being perceived as pushy, make sure you ask for commitment in a nonthreatening and confident manner.

7.   Don’t Prospect – Prospect all the time. Schedule prospecting time in your agenda. Don’t think the flow of business will continue if you don’t feed the sales funnel.

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