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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who Moved My Cheese?

Change can be tough. Stepping from the comfortable and familiar into new and unkown territory is daunting and  often requires a special mindset to embark upon the path of discovery with an open mind and positive outlook.

Spencer Johnson's  "Who Moved My Cheese" is a lighthearted look at how we deal with change and can help people gain perspective on how they deal with parable the inevitablitiy of change.

And here is a video version of his parable that features a couple of mice, a couple of little people, a maze and, of course, cheese (as a metaphor for what we want and need).

It's simplistic approach is not for everyone, but this video can be used in a number of ways for yourself and in the workplace. I've even shown it to my kids to help them develop a healthy attitude towards change.

NOTE: if the download is slow, you can find this video on YouTube:

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