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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Earn Your MBA on the Toilet

With tongue firmly in cheek, the Kasper Hauser Continuing Education Academy offers readers a complete business education with "Earn Your MBA on the Toilet: Unleash Unlimited Power and Wealth from Your Bathroom."


I enjoy business books. In fact I have authored a number of them (including Success-ercize and High Conversion E-Mail Copywriting). I also enjoy a good spoof. So, what’s not to like about the Kasper Hauser* sketch comedy group’s new book.** Let's take a quick look inside:
Most business is pure common sense. “Let’s say a clown was selling pinecones out in the parking lot of a fair,” write the authors. “You are a company. Do you want to invest in pinecones?” page 20
For statistics, know the definitions of average, mean, and median. “Are you golin to need more than that on a daily basis?” the writers ask. “We hope not, because that would mean that you are low on the totem pole.” page 36
Imagine yourself as John Wayne and Yoda’s love child. “A person with gritty, take-charge attitude and calm Zen-like strength and searing insight: that guy would be  a great manager.” page 70
It’s important to carry yourself with confidence in meetings. “Practice flicking your business card into the client’s drink and saying, ‘My whole family was born to win.’” page 84

Want a copy of "Earn Your MBA on the Toilet"?
CLICK HERE to go to MBA on the Toilet page

*I assume that these guys got their name from the mysterious "Wild Child from Nowhere":

**Their previous books include such absurdist gems as Obama's Blackberry and SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy from a Plane

Earn Your MBA on the Toilet (Ten Speed Press) - Kasper Hauser,
Bloomberg Businessweek 5/13-18/2013

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