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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Leadership Mnemonics

According to, 'Mnemonic' is another word for memory tool. Here are a couple of LEADERSHIP menomics (where each letter represents the essence of a key principle for peak performance):


The following mnemonic was written by Gerald Czarnecki.*

L         for love

E         for expectations

A         for assignment

D         for development

E         for evaluate

R         for rewards

S          for systems

H        for humor

I          for integrity

P         for passion

And here is another from Sanjiv Chopra.**

L         for listen well

E         for empathy

A         for attitude

D         for dreams & decisiveness

E         for effectiveness

R         for resilience

S          for a sense of purpose

H        for humility & humor

I          for integrity & imagination

P         for principles & willingness to pack other people's parachutes

*Gerald Czarnecki, is a leadership expert (with 40 years of leadership experience at companies like IBM, Bank of America and O2 Media, Inc.), Fortune 100 CEO and bestselling author.

** Sanjiv Chopra, M.D. is a professor of medicine and faculty dean for continuing medical education at Harvard Medical School andis the author of five books, including a memoir written with brother Deepak Chopra.

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