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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Take 2 and Call Me in the Morning

Leadership is challenging. Everyday leaders are confronted with issues that test their judgment and patience. In his book Take Two and Call Me in the Morning: Prescriptions for a leadership Headache (Pain Free in 30 Days) Gerald Czarnecki offers “prescription” for the pain and frustration that leaders endure.

If an underling simply can’t improve, don’t fret the “I do not think it’s the right job for you” conversation. “You will be surprised to find that he already knows that,” Czarnecki writes. “And you  are simply voicing his own frustration.” page 15

Keep ready a memorable sound bite for networking. “A consultant I know says, ‘I teach people how to stop selling,’ Czarnecki writes. “That takes most people by surprise,” but it ensures a larger conversation by inviting questions. page 81

Effective company heads lead first, manage second. “Planning, controlling, organizing are critical activities,” Czarnecki writes, “but in my experience those managers who focus the preponderance of their time on mechanics do not succeed.” page 171

When training your employees, always emphasize the positives. “The best learning happens when we are rewarded for our success,” Czarnecki writes. “Punishment puts the focus on what you do not want. Praise highlights of what you do want.” page 116.

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