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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flip-Flops with a Business Suit

“Poop!” I muttered. Only I didn’t say “poop” -- I was more profane and explicit – when I realized that I didn’t have shoes to wear to the seminar I was being paid to deliver to a room full of high-powered business executives.

I had been at my kids’ swim practice (shorts, T-shirt, flip-flops) before the meeting and had business attire in the car to quickly change into before I headed to the seminar. Business attire except socks and shoes, that is.

Panic. It was too late to go home to get proper footwear and I didn’t have time to stop and buy shoes.
What would you have done?
Here is what I did:
1.       Made myself as presentable as possible in a business suit and flip-flops
2.      Started the seminar with a hastily made on-the-fly slide:

3.      Had the attendees write their names with the letter corresponding to the reason they thought was the correct one for my unusual fashion choice.

4.      Collected the names and let them know that there would be a drawing at the end of the session.

5.      At the end of the session, I announced that the winner would get a copy of my book “Hot Button E-Mail Copywriting” and had the seminar sponsor draw one paper from the entries submitted earlier.

6.      The entry indicated “C” and I announced that the reason I was wearing flip-flops to a business meeting was that “Scott stepped on a bee and is unable to get shoes over his swollen foot” and I gave the winner the book. That ended the session.

On the way out, one of the attendees asked, “What if you had pulled a paper that had ‘A’ as the answer ?”
“Then that would’ve been the reason I was wearing flip-flops to this meeting,” I replied with a smile.
The “moral” of this true story:
be prepared to think on your feet
(even if they are not properly shod).

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