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Thursday, August 8, 2013

10 Steps to Create an Effective LinkedIn Group

Why Start a Linked In Group?

  • Create a suitable environment for interacting with prospects and/or strategic alliances
  • Position yourself as a leading authority on your topic or in your niche
  • Attract highly targeted people that are interested in engaging with new connections

  • In the infographic below, Top Dog Social Media’s Melonie Dodaro shows the ten steps you will want to follow to build an effective LinkedIn Group:
    1. Choose the right name for your group
    2. Design a logo for your group
    3. Optimize your group summary
    4. Optimize your group description
    5. Set up your LinkedIn group rules
    6. Require pre-approval for members to join
    7. Decide if you want it to be Open or Members Only
    8. Determine posting permissions
    9. Set up a welcome message under templates
    10. Promote your group


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